November Baby 

" Ginger"




Attention: wash your hands before you start working!

 Materials needed:

  • Smooth tile to work on

  • Little knife

  • Black beads nr. 011

  • Toothpicks

  • Clayshaper or sculpting-tool

  • Thick needle

  • Fimo, flesh, white, green, red , blue and brown

  • A  wooden sledge



Make a chair out of aluminumfoil and put it into the wooden sledge. .Cover the chair with white clay



The body


Make a 1" cone out of aluminum foil.

Cover the cone with white clay. Pierce the topside with a needle and push the toothpick  in here.      








Make a 2" by 1/2" long worm from the white clay   

and cut this in half for the two legs. 

Make two incisions in the hollow of the  knees.    

Bent the legs into shape and fasten them to the body.

Let the little body sit comfortable in the sledge.





Arms and hands


Make a two " long worm from white clay ( a less  thick then 1/2"). 

Cut this in half through the center.

Pierce a hole for the hands in each arm.

Make the hands and fasten them in the holes.

Make two incisions into the elbows, bend the arms into shape and fasten them to the body.




Head and cap

Make a small ball, a lit less then 1" in diameter for the head. 

Press in and make a groove from ear to ear with the wooden part of the clayshaper.

Make sure the head stays round.

Press a tiny ball on the bottom part of the groove for the nose. 

The nose will be finished after you poked two holes into it with a toothpick.

For the eyes you flatten a very small ball of flesh clay. Cut into 

two halves. Lay them on the right place (see picture).

The mouth is in the middle of the nose and the chin. 

Push the top of a toothpick on the right place in the clay, pull out and lift the upper lip a bit.

Also pull out a bit of clay for the under lip. Now you have got a little hole to put the thumb in!

You don't have to make ears!

Give Ginger a cap made of white clay and don't forget to make her some curly hair!


Make a hole in the bottom of the head with a needle and carefully place the head (turning back and forward) on the toothpick in the body. Give Ginger a little Christmas bear in her hands.

Now you can decorate the sledge with lots of little presents, ivy and berries!




Other embellishments

Bake the baby  for 20 minutes at 265 in the oven.  Once it has cooled, color the cheeks with some blush. 






Enjoy  and have fun with this workshop!

Jacqueline van Hesse-Penning (Pennydolls)

November, 2001 Text and Illustrations