What you need is:

A wooden frame (8.27 inch by 16.93 inch.)

Paper napkins decorated with a winter scene

Mod Podge, mat

Acryl paint, white and green

Paintbrush and a pair of scissors 





Sand the frame, paint the outside green and the inside white.




Write the word "Winter" in Word, enlarge it and print it out. 

Following you cut "Winter" out of the paper.

You can fill in the word on your frame, by painting the open letters green.



Cut out the pictures on your napkin.

With Mod Podge you glue the pictures on to the frame ( without using the white layers on the back of your napkin). 


Let it dry!



You can decorate your picture by painting some snow or snowflakes.



When your paint has dried, you cover your frame with Mod Podge for the last time.




Have fun with this Workshop!

January, 2002 Text and Illustrations