Pastry of salt dough




What you need is :

  • 6 cups of flour

  •  2 cups of fine salt

  • 2 cups of water 

  • Oil

  • Pastry molds


  • Acryl paint, ochre, red and bleu 

  • Paintbrushes

  • Acryllic spray

  • Candle gel, red, pink, or orange

  • An old saucepan

  • A gravy spoon


Making salt dough

ix the flour and the salt together in a large bowl. Depending on the flour brand, you may need a different amount of water so it is best to make a well in the center and pour in the water. You have to knead until smooth and elastic and non-sticky dough.

Shape the dough into a ball and wrap it into a plastic film in order to prevent it from drying. The dough is now ready to be used.


Making pastry 

Grease the molds with some oil.

Shape a ball of dough for each mold. Push down the middle of the dough with your thumb.Use your knife to cut away the  surplus at the edges.

Photo 1 and 2.

Bake the pastry about ten minutes at 200 in the oven to fixate.



Making fruit

While the pastry is in the oven, you can make a lot of  balls to be used for the strawberries, cherries and berries.

Get the pastry out of the oven and out of the molds! It feels like rubber!

Let it cool of a little then fill up the holes and cracks on the outside of the pastry. 

"Glue on" the fruit, using a bit of water.

Make one little hole in all the cherries and berries. Make a lot of holes in the strawberries. 

Bake the pastry for about 1,5 hour in the middle of your oven at  200 degrees.




Let the pastry cool off.

Mix ochre with some water and paint the pastry, not the fruits!

Paint the strawberries  and some berries red.. 

Mix the red with a little blue. Paint the cherries and some berries.

Add a little more bleu and paint some berries purple.

Again bake the pastry for about 1,5 hour in the middle of your oven at  200  degrees.

The figure is totally baked when by tapping it with a metallic knife it emits a clear sound. As long as the sound is matt, it is necessary to prolong the baking.

Don't forget to varnish your work to keep it in good condition.


Melt the candle gel on a low fire, while stirring wit a spoon. Don't make it cook, there will be ugly bubbles in the gel.                         

Poor the gel over your pastry with a gravy spoon.





Have fun with this workshop!