A goose and a chicken

 Erica Bijdam




What you need is:

A goose made of stone


Acrylic paint, orange, green and black

White latex

Sealing wax (acrylic spray)


Paint the body of the goose white with Latex and let dry.

Paint the bill and the legs orange, the eyes black and the grass green.

As the paint has dried, cover the goose with sealing wax.






What you need is:

A chicken made of stone


Oil paint, red, black, green and ochre

Sealing wax (oil based)



Start painting the red colors. 

Then paint the eyes, the body and the grass.

 Let  dry! (This can take some days!)

At last you cover the chicken with sealing wax.










Have fun with this workshop!

May ,2002 Text and Illustrations